Web Cams Bansko


Altitude: 2200m.

The webcam is aimed at the eponymous and highest track in Bulgaria. Here is the initial lift station “Plato” leading to Todorka peak. Here you can reach by chair lift “The bridge” with a lenght of 2606m. A “Platoto” is reached with the lift “Shligarnik”, which down station is in the “Goren Shiligarnik” area.



Altitude: 2550m.

The webcam is aimed to some runs over Bansko.

Bansko – down station of gondola lift

Altitude: 990m.

The webcam is located on down station of gondola lift.

The lift from Bansko is 6233m. long. This is the second longest lift in Bulgaria, after “Simeonovski lift” Vitosha. The middle station of the lift is located in “Chalin valog” area (1468m.) and the upper station is on 1595m. in “Bunderishka poliana” area.

Бъндеришка поляна

Bunderishka polyana

Altitude: 1620m.

The webcam is aimed to the track and upper station of the gondola lift. The lift is 6233m. long and its lowest station is on 998m. in Bansko and it have middle station – 1468m. at “Chalin valog” area. It takes 25 minutes.

“Bunderishka polyana” area is the endpoint of ski slopes and startpoint of lifts.


Altitude: 1730m.

The webcam is focused on the slopes and many restaurants in the eponymous area above Bansko. Shligarnika is located southwest of the city and is the largest ski resort in Pirin mountain. Bansko is 9km away from here.