Medical recovery programs


The programs are based on the bioenergy of the environment combined with high levels of negative ionization and phytoncides, electrotherapeutic and kinesitherapeutic methods, medical and spa treatments and activities in nature.

Period of stay 25.06.2021 – 30.11.2021
NUMBER OF NIGHTS 5 nights 7 nights 10 nights
Third adult on additional bed 1050 BGN 1400 BGN 1995 BGN


All rates are in BGN, per person, per chosen package and include:
• Overnight in a spacious room type Junior Suite
• Healthy menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner with varied food from the region, calorically balanced according to the type of the program
• Daily access to Body & Soul SPA Lounge for use of indoor swimming pool, infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, cedar sauna, herbal sauna, sauna steam room, aroma and herbal steam bath, ice room, access to hammam room, adventure shower, relaxation area , jacuzzi and fitness
• Initial medical examination by a specialist for a comprehensive assessment of health status
• Phytotherapy with detoxifying and revitalizing drinks: herbal teas, shakes and smoothies, immunobuster drinks, magnetically structured water with a high content of anionic oxygen.

• Each one of the programs begins with a primary medical examination and preparation of an individual regimen on the first day after accommodation.
• The programs include one electrotherapy, kinesitherapy, spa and forest therapy every day.
• Procedures do not apply on the first and last day of accommodation.
• Each participant in the program receives a SMART bracelet for monitoring of health status during the stay, and at the end of the program – a final examination and recommendations.


Deep oscillation:
It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, supporting lymphatic drainage and detoxification.
Halotherapy – salt room:
Has a calming and therapeutic effect, helps the respiratory system.
Therapeutic gymnastics:
Specialized neurological methods, orthopedic methods, pilates, yoga, callanetics, dancing classes.
Guna magnetophoresis /collagen therapy/:
Has a regenerating effect. It is used for prevention and restoration of joints and surrounding structures.
Rhassoul clay therapy:
Detoxifies and hydrates the skin.
Water aerobics:
It has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system and improves overall vitality.
Magnetic therapy:
Improves sleep and blood circulation, increases cell regeneration, reduces emotional stress.
Hydrotherapy – horizontal shower:
Has a relaxing effect, increases tonus and strengthens blood circulation.
Rehabilitative healing massage (partial) D-TOX whole body ritual:
Eliminates the stress and detoxifies.
It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Wooden baths with essential oils and medical herbs:
They have a calming effect on chronic

Breathing practices:
They increase the lung capacity, improve the saturation.
Electrotherapy with low and medium frequency electricity:
Improves peripheral blood circulation, restores tissues, muscle stimulation, inflammation and pain of the musculoskeletal system.
Oriental peeling – Turkish bath/Hammam:
Has a relaxing and purifying effect.
Regulated walking on forest paths:
Regulates the blood pressure and heart rate, increases the ability to concentrate, improves sleep and mood.
Motivating lectures on healthy living.



The programs aim to stimulate the metabolism, increase diuresis and eliminate the end products of metabolism, replenishing the body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, by skillfully combining an appropriate diet with fluid intake, hydrotherapy with herbal extracts, relaxing massages and proper active mode.

„CLIMATE TREATMENT“ and „ANTI-STRESS & DETOX“ PROGRAMS aim to manage stress and autonomic dysfunctions, unload the body and extract accumulated toxins naturally. The programs aim to stimulate the metabolism, increase diuresis and their excretion, replenishing the body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, by skillfully combining an appropriate diet with fluid intake, hydrotherapy with herbal extracts, relaxing massages and proper motor mode.

RECOVERY AFTER COVID-19 INFECTION PROGRAM aims to restore the health of persons who have suffered from COVID-19 infection, which is expressed in increasing lung capacity, improving oxygen saturation, reducing the feeling of fatigue, simulating physical activity. Emphasis is placed on therapies using the healing power of a magnetic field, guna magnetophoresis and specialized respiratory gymnastics. At the physician’s discretion and according to the patient’s condition, some of the procedures may be replaced by other appropriate therapies.
Important: The program is intended for individuals who have had a COVID-19 infection, at least 30 days after the end of the treatment process, without the manifestation of postcovid syndrome.

Part of the overall concept of the complex is the integration of new technologies for air purification from harmful viruses and bacteria through anionic oxygen concentrators located in all common parts of the hotel. They are also designed for the synthesis of active oxygen – anionic oxygen human and responsible for catalyzing the production of specific enzymes modeling his immune system.

Medical programs in combination with the proven climatic treatment factors of the region, as well as the integrated technologies in the complex, contribute to the overall recovery of the human body. They are suitable for people with a busy and hectic daily life who have suffered from COVID-19.

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