Policy and terms for reservations:
• Reservations shall be confirmed when an advance payment of 50% of the reservation value is made and the amount is credited in the Hotel account within 2 calendar days after receiving an email.
Policy and terms and conditions for cancellations and penalties:
• Cancellations of confirmed reservations can be made without penalty up to 2 calendar days before check-in. In case of cancellation one day before arrival or in case of no-show of the tourists on the day of the reservation, the penalty due is 50% of the amount of the reservation, but not less than the price for 1 overnight stay. For this purpose, the entire prepaid amount of the reservation shall be deducted, and the customer shall be issued a document for the conversion of the advance into a penalty sent by email. In case of early leaving or shortening of the stay of all or part of the guests within the reservation – amounts shall not be refunded, and the unused days on the reservations shall be accounted for as a penalty.

*Refund of amounts, when due by the Hotel, shall be made within 14 days from the date of cancellation.

Conditions in case of Covid situation
• In case of pandemic conditions where a state of emergency or an emergency epidemiological situation is declared by the competent authorities in the Republic of Bulgaria, resulting in impossibility to enter the country, lock-down of individual towns and regions in the country, as well as affecting the region where Pamporovo Resort is located, due to which a ban on the provision of hotel services has been imposed or it has become impossible to implement the prepaid reservations, the hotel will compensate the relevant tourists. The same shall apply to cases where the country where the tourist resides and comes from imposes ban on leaving the country for the purpose of tourism. In general, these compensations shall be referred to as ‘Compensation for Covid Situation’.
Compensation for Covid Situation
In case of a Covid situation and if the deadline for free cancellation of the reservation is expired, the customer shall be entitled to choose between one of the following options, provided that the Hotel should be duly notified in writing of the choice of that customer by the end of the emergency situation (lock down):
a. To change the dates of stay for other dates convenient for the customer available for accommodation within 12 months from the date of the cancellation, using the prepaid amount of the reservation according to the current price conditions of the changed period.
b. If the customer does not want to change the dates and does not want to use the service, that customer shall have to pay a penalty on the reservation in the amount of 50% of the reservation value, and the Hotel shall be required to refund the balance of the prepaid amount within 30 days after receipt of customer’s notification for the choice made.
The Hotel shall reserve the right to change the Reservations and Cancellations Policy in case of legal changes or explicit instructions of the government authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria in case of Covid situation.